Isbitaalka Fistulaha ee magaalada Boorama oo Qaybtii labaad oo Bukayn Raystay ah ay Maanta ka Baxeen

August 14, 2009

fistu06Boorama (Fistula Hospital) waxaa maanta isbitaalka Fistulah ee magaalada Boorama ka baxay qaybtii labaad oo ah dad ama dumar bukaan ah oo xanuunkii iyo qaliinadii lagu sameeyey ka bogsaday, dumarkan maanta ka baxay cusbitaalka oo tiradoodu dhamayd lix ayaa dhamaanba ka raystay xanuunkii hayey ka dibna uga baqoolay Boorama ilaa meelihii ay Read the rest of this entry »


What is Fistula ?

August 13, 2009

fastula3-300x225A fistula is simply a hole between an internal organ and the outside world that should not exist.  There are two primary causes of fistula in women in developing countries:  childbirth, causing obstetric fistula and sexual violence, causing traumatic fistula Read the rest of this entry »

World Fistula Links

August 13, 2009

In recent years, more information has become available about obstetric fistula in the developing world. Below you will find links to fistula-related websites

The UNFPA’s Campaign to End Fistula currently covers some 30 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and some Arab States. The Campaign works in three key areas: prevention, treatment and support to help women who have been repaired return to their communities. And it works in three phases: assessing needs, planning interventions and implementing national strategies.


EngenderHealth: Obstetric Fistula Needs Assessment Report. The “Campaign to End Fistula” information kit-“Obstetric Fistula Needs Assessment Report: Findings from Nine African Countries”-contains results from a groundbreaking needs assessment conducted by EngenderHealth and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in nine African countries.

USAID: Obstetric Fistula Strategy. A number of USAID’s maternal health activities can help reduce the occurrence of obstetric fistula. The focus is on prevention.

The Worldwide Fistula Fund, focused in Nigeria, was founded out of concern for the hundreds of thousands of women in the developing world who suffer from injuries related to labor and delivery.